Mr.Valery Tsarikovsky is an internationally respected artist known as Tsar - impressionism today, reflecting our environment vibrancy of the cities, harmony of any weather conditions, creating atmosphere of the present moment.

His extraordinary talent makes him able to start and finish his work on location (ALLA PRIMA), including rain and snow, picking up the essence of particular view. Val Tsar leads his viewer gracefully through the subtleties of unique painting technique, known for his color, spontaneous brush strokes, texture, composition, aesthetic and artistic clarity and above all unmatched style - ALLA PRIMA - direct painting, working on location, catching first impression.

Many private corporations, collectors and lovers of art, including Metropolitan Opera, White House, World Economic Forum and many others, have recognized Tsar's works around the world.

His intelligence and loyalty to true impressionism methods based on Monet, Pissaro, Renoir, Lautrec, Van Gogh, Sargent and one of his passed away friend Arbit Blatas.

Strongly dedicated to art Tsar simply continues to visualize his own world. Being recognized for his individuality and style he has his own signature. Let's celebrate his art together!

"Wherever I am, here is my studio, it's a joy doing art! I would like to make life better, to touch hearts of others, to bring light and happiness to the world, to record our time for many generations to come, as it has been done before by great artists!"

Born in 1952 in Kiev (Ukraine), Val Tsar is recognized as one of the leading figurative genre and marina painters of USA. He also won widespread attention for his landscapes, bringing to his art a powerful rugged sense of individualism, true to the spirit of the impressionism. Self taught, he abandoned architecture carrier and got involved in art with his first exhibition at Altos De Shavon (Dominican Republic) as artist in residence.

In 1987 he joined Salmagundi Club and won first Art Club Award at the same year. Many more awards followed.

From the beginning of his art career Tsar exhibited on regular basis at some major New York galleries and shows, like Hilde Gerst Gallery on Madison Avenue. After more than 50 years in art business Mrs. Hilde Gerst past away and doors of the Gallery closed. She was 98.5 years old. She owned and show impressionist like Renoir, Chagall, Kandinsky, Vlaminck and Tsar (only one contemporary living artist). Mrs. Gerst and Tsar had a special bond ? love for art; respect for each other was on highest level! Tsar misses her (Hilde) very much!

His work has also been published in Great Britain - limited edition.

In 2000 selecting to "Who's Who in American Art" in millennium edition honored him.

Valery Tsar (Chronology)

1987 Salamagundi Art Club Award
1989 Philip Isenberg Award
1990 Philip Isenberg Award
1990 Frank B.Williams Fund
1990 Emil Carlsen SCNY
1991 Lee M.Loeb Memorial
1991 Frank B.Williams Fund

Literature & Publications
08/1986 S.Domingo News (Dominican Republic)
10/1988 New York Times
12/1988 Miami Herald
07/1989 La Verdad (Cartagena, Spain)
10/1989 Art Speak (SCNY Art Show)
10/1990 Art Times (Art Demonstration)
06/1991 New York Times, p.B6
12/1997 CNN Web Report: "Tsar is Born"
1999/2000 "Who's Who in American Art", 23th Edition"
2003/2004 "Who's Who in American Art", 25th Edition"
2005/2006 "Who's Who in American Art", 26th Edition
2007 Frick Museum Library
2007 N.Y. Pub. Lib. Art & Architecture
2007 Smithsonian Archives of American Art
June 26, 2009 New York Times photo & article
2012/2013 "Who's Who in American Art", 33rd Edition

01/1992 Art Miami. International Art Expo
Miami Beach Conventional Center
01/1993 Art Miami. International Art Expo
Miami Beach Conventional Center
1997 Murals at Rockefeller Center
1998 World Ecomonic Forum
Davos, Switzerland
1991 - Jan. 2007 Hilde Gerst Art Gallery in NYC (due to gallery closing)
1998 - present Permanently on display at US Senator Orrin G. Hatch (R-Utah) office in Washington DC
2004 - present Permanently on display at Lieutenant Governor of Pennsylvania Catherine Baker Knoll's office
09/2006 - 02/2010 "Galerie Rienzo", Madison Ave, New York, NY
09/2006 - present "The Marbella Gallery, Inc.", New York, NY
02/11/11-03/20/11 One Men Art Show - Ukrainian Institute of America
2 East 79th Street, NYC